Vegan Cooking

How to Veganise Your Cooking

If you already can cook a bit, then transitioning dishes over to plant based is easy. Here are some tips to get you going.

Cooking with plant based protein

Protein isn't hard to get from plants, but not everyone is aware of exactly how. This article is the notes for a talk I gave on plant based protein sources.

Vegan recipes

Pumpkin, Mushroom and Smoked Tofu Pie

Vegetable pies are all fantastic, this has to be one of the best, its certainly one of my favourite dishes ever. If you make one, make sure you invite me around!

Vegetable-y Tomato soup

Who doesn't love a good minestrone, apparently also called Italian wedding soup! This is one of my staples, and after you make it will hopefully become one of yours.

Geoff's Bean Salad

I was thinking about how I hadn't had one of my favourite salad's in many years one night when planning a dinner on the weekend. I took the next day off from work and lo and behold I happened to switch the telly on during a cooking show in which they were making the sort of bean salad I was thinking of. I've made a few changes but I still call it Geoff's Bean Salad.

Roast Potato Salad

I love roast vegetables. I don't mean any kind of subtle love one would usually reserve for inanimate objects, I mean of the sort that had Romeo drink poison when he thought that Juliet was dead. So here is another salad with it in them.

Vegan Lasagne

Who doesn't like lasagne? Ahh those wonderful Italians, who knows what they ate before love apples were bought back from the new world. This one is very similar to ones I grew up eating, so it is very non vegan friendly. It's also relatively easy, and makes enough so that some can be frozen for future meals. You will need a baking tray to put the lasagne in, and a large pot to cook the sauce

Vegetable Rosig Souls

I used to make sausage rolls with a Sanitarium product made specifically for the purpose. Anyway they cleverly put eggs in it because they thought there weren't enough chickens in the world living lives of complete misery, so I couldn't eat it any more. Well compliments of another Sanitarium product Redi-burger, I now have a recipe thats about ten times better than the old one.


The Vegan Planet

Robin Robertson

This was the first cookbook that I really got into after I became vegan.

It doesn't rely on mockmeats, the recipes are not too easy (ie aimed at someone who doesn't know how to make toast), but not too hard (someone who wants to spend all day in the kitchen).

The chillis are fantastic, the Indonesian tempeh stew is my go to to convert people to tempeh and the Banana spice pancakes have won me many friends.

Solid cookbook, and one you can work your way through and build your confidence with cooking.