Everything you didn't ever want to know about this website, but is interesting to me.
Some bits and pieces I've created for fun which you can check out.
It seemed like a good idea to make a list of songs I can, or at least could at one point, play on the guitar...
A very short...though some might say still too long...autobiography
A short story I wrote based on the book Ringolevio. Originally it was meant to be a script for a short film but that never happened.
I'm planning on writing a book at some point, so this is a place to dump some ideas for what I will talk about. From this I will probably flesh the chapters out into a blog, but work gets in the way of things.
Life is like playing the violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on
— Samuel Butler
Emmett Grogan
By the time Emmett Grogan was 21, he had been halfway around the world, had dealings with the Mafia, the IRA, been in prison, been addicted to heroin (which eventually killed him) and many other things. His autobiography is a rollicking tale, every chapter is enjoyable, and there is a kind of voyeurism in watching this anti-hero traverse situations that we probably wouldn't be comfortable in ourselves. He is not someone to emulate, but you cannot help but admire him in parts of the book. Most of the book I enjoyed, but where it went beyond that and had a...