We must embark upon a peaceful revolution to claim the world we have always wanted. It is changing ourselves, not trying to perfect the system, that will see its ultimate success. The compassionate society will bloom like a flower from a new type of person, and who will watch the old world wither away like a disused husk.

Thoughts on Anarchism and Society

I wanted to write an explanation of why I thought anarchism was the only philosophy capable of taking us into the future. It ended up being more of an extended mind dump, so forgive me for that, but I hope you find something interesting in it. Caveat lector!


A long stream of consciousness I wrote in my twenties at the point I started to become who I am today. I've changed since then, and I've written better things since then, but the direction of my ethics as expressed in this article hasn't changed too much.

How to Win an Australian Election

An email was sent to an environment collective I was part of asking how it is that the conservatives so easily won the 2004 Australian federal election when they were so clearly morally bankrupt? This is my vitriolic answer.
We cannot remove the evils of capitalism without taking its source of power: ownership
Neil Kinnock

Globalization and its Discontents

Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz went from academia on to some of the most powerful positions in the world possible for an economist, from advisor to the Clinton government to chief economist at the World Bank, he also picked up the 2001 Nobel Prize for Economics along the way.

Stellar credentials indeed, yet I have heard reports that at meetings of the major world economic institutions, he is forced to stand behind the barriers along with the protestors, barriers which make sure the economic tyranny is not threatened by an outbreak of social democracy.