We must embark upon a peaceful revolution to claim the world we have always wanted. It is changing ourselves, not trying to perfect the system, that will see its ultimate success. The compassionate society will bloom like a flower from a new type of person, and who will watch the old world wither away like a disused husk.

On Anarchism

It is still an unusual thing to call oneself an anarchist in our culture, so I felt some outlining of my principles which lead in that direction was in order.


A long stream of consciousness I wrote some time ago, in my twenties at the point I think I became who I am today. I've changed since then, but my core beliefs as expressed in this article haven't.

How to Win an Australian Election

An email was sent to an environment collective I was part of asking how it is that the conservatives so easily won the 2004 Australian federal election when they were so clearly morally bankrupt? This is my vitriolic answer.
That's the genius of our ruling class. They're so brilliant that no one knows they even exist. The political-science professors, perfectly sane men, look at me with wonder when I talk about the ruling class in America. They say, "You are one of those conspiracy theorists. You think there's a headquarters and they get together at the Bohemian Grove and run the United States." Well, they do get together at the Bohemian Grove and do a lot of picking of Secretaries of State, anyway. But they don't have to conspire. They all think alike. It goes back to the way we're raised, the schools we went to--after all, I'm a reluctant member of this group. You don't have to give orders to the editor of The New York Times. He is in place because he will respond to a crisis the way you want him to, as will the President, as will the head of the Chase Manhattan Bank.
Gore Vidal


George Orwell
When I sit on the train watching people reading crime and fantasy novels, I despair at how stupid most non fiction is, and then I remember George Orwell's 1984. This is a towering work of fiction, whilst I love the Lord of the Rings which won a number of polls of best fiction book of the 20th century, 1984 would be my choice. I remember talking to a female friend who saw it as a love story, whereas I hardly noticed that aspect of the book, this is part of Orwell's genius, to write on so many levels that different readers will take away different aspects.