Why should you integrate environmental principles to your life?

The trial of the car

In the way we have come to use the automobile, I think we have lost many things - clean air, health, nature, green spaces, and a little bit of our soul. This is my call for us to banish mass private ownership of automobiles from our cities.

Changing how we think and live

We need a change in our culture to enable us to live in an environmentally attuned way, here are my ideas on how we need to change

Crunching the climate numbers

The animals in the human food system are one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. A lot of different studies have come up with different figures as to what percentage of emissions are attributable to livestock; here I discuss them in the context of the world and Australia specifically.

Australia's Environment

In only a short time, Australia has been radically changed by European settlement. This is an introduction into the main problems we face.
..put the environmental lobby out of business....There is no greater imperative....If the petroleum industry is to survive, it must render the environmental lobby superfluous, an anachronism
Bob Williams (Advisor to the gas and oil industry)

The Future Eaters

Tim Flannery

Subtitled "An Ecological History of the Australian Lands and People" this book told me much about the country I was born in that I didn't know.

If you are an Australian you should read this book, because it contains many of the things we need to know about our real history, not that concerned only with European people and power.

We have stewardship of this land, and we are destroying it because we know nothing about it. This book will get you up to speed on the last few millenia so that you can start creating a better future.