The trial of the car

In the way we have come to use the automobile, I think we have lost many things - clean air, health, nature, green spaces, and a little bit of our soul. This is my call for us to banish mass private ownership of automobiles from our cities.

Changing how we think and live

We need a change in our culture to enable us to live in an environmentally attuned way, here are my ideas on how we need to change

Crunching the climate numbers

The animals in the human food system are one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. A lot of different studies have come up with different figures as to what percentage of emissions are attributable to livestock; here I discuss them in the context of the world and Australia specifically.

Australia's Environment

In only a short time, Australia has been radically changed by European settlement. This is an introduction into the main problems we face.
At least 150,000 anthropogenic or human made chemicals at a total that increases by 2,000 each year end up in the oceans
Kevin Brown, Durham University, England

Requiem for a Species

Clive Hamilton

As has been said, we are sleep-walking to the edge of a cliff.

I don't know what to do with the information contained in this book.  I almost envy the people who can dismiss the terrible truth of what we are doing to this planet with hand waving statements like "Science doesn't know everything", who go about their small daily lives as if only they and their social circles matter.