An introduction to my use of the word transcendence to encapsulate a path forwards for us, a higher consciousness chained to an evolutionary being.
We all live according to some sort of meaning, some interpretation of what life is about. Here is my attempt to put mine into words.
As one of the most influential books in our culture, and as part of my general interest in religion, I read the New Testament. Here are my thoughts.
Words sometimes contain worlds. Compassion is such a word, and it is one of great necessity and consequence to our species. This is a discussion of my journey with the word, and the complexities of realising it in life.
My thoughts on the concept of god
I wrote some musings about this force which is so deeply consequential in our society, and against my better judgement put it up here
Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world; it is appeased by love. This is an eternal law
— Gautama Siddartha Buddha
an introduction to logotherapy
Viktor E. Frankl
Sometimes the cosmos beckons you to read a book. Man's Search for Meaning was mentioned enough times in the articles, books and podcasts I was imbibing that it had slowly shuffled its way to the top of the books I should read list. My father was terminally ill and people had given him books they thought might offer him solace. He beckoned dismissively towards the pile of books and said he wasn't interested in any of them. I'm not sure he was ever much of a reader, certainly not of philosophy. I was travelling so I wasn't keen to take...