An introduction to my use fo the word transcendence to encapsulate a philosophical way forwards for humanity.

The meaning of life

We all live according to some sort of meaning, some interpretation of what life is about.  Here is my attempt to put mine into words.

The New Testament

As one of the most influential books in our culture, and as part of my general interest in religion, I read the New Testament.  Here are my thoughts.


My thoughts on the concept of god


I wrote some musings about this force which is so deeply consequential in our society, and against my better judgement put it up here
Knowledge can be communicated but not wisdom
Hermann Hesse

What the Buddha Taught

Dr. Walpola Rahula

For some reason, Buddhism had always drawn me to it. I went to a yoga class at the Theosophical Society in Melbourne around early 1996 and afterwards wandered into their fascinating bookshop.