Revolution is the political part of E.A.R.T.H. In this introduction, I try to outline where we are at politically, what progress has been made, what is yet to come and how we might help get there.
A fairly middle of the road environmental party of which I am a member, the Australian Greens, is often labelled extreme by conservative opponents. This is a discussion of what it means to be labelled extreme.
A friend was publishing The Equal Standard magazine as part of her Phd, and asked for submissions on the topic of Extremism. I did two versions and this is the one which got published.
I wanted to write an explanation of why I thought anarchism was the only philosophy capable of taking us into the future. It ended up being more of an extended mind dump, so forgive me for that, but I hope you find something interesting in it. Caveat lector!
A long stream of consciousness I wrote in my twenties at the point I started to become who I am today. I've changed since then, and I've written better things since then, but the direction of my ethics as expressed in this article hasn't changed too much.
An email was sent to an environment collective I was part of asking how it is that the conservatives so easily won the 2004 Australian federal election when they were so clearly morally bankrupt? This is my vitriolic answer.
Industrial capitalism is a system of rule; it rules the people by gaining control over their means of subsistence. Economic development is the extension of this system of rule to every corner of the globe
— C Douglas Lummis
Howard Zinn
Ahh this book is so great to read. If you consider yourself a student of history, you can't ignore the world's greatest power, the United States. If you can't ignore the United States, then you can't really know its history without understanding how it treated American Indians, African slaves, women, unions and those who dissented from its leader's picture of manifest destiny. History should not be the story of elite groups, it should not ignore the struggle of people to claim our humanity from powerful interests, it should not recount events divorced from the context of the wider society in...