Writings on an Ethical Life

Peter Singer

As someone who believes passionately in animal liberation, the fact that I have never gotten around to reading the ground breaking Animal Liberation by Peter Singer, was only due to slackness.

To make up for this, and to get a feel for Singers other writings, I bought this book for a bargain price and proceeded to read.

Singer generally tells it how it is, this book has sections on many themes, animal liberation, ethics, poverty and more. I did skip a couple of his more academic treatises, but being a book on so many topics, I guess it would be hard to enjoy them all. I can also see how he gets so easily into trouble, in a world where people are looking to judge others and be offended, he gives them plenty of potential ammunition.  The problem for those people who want to be offended is that these are necessary discussions to be had in society, and silencing someone like Peter Singer is a sure sign that you aren't interested in rational discussion, because that is very much Singer's speciality.

It will stimulate your mind, it will provoke you, it will change the way you think.

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