Burger Culture on Trial
John Vidal

The famous civil court case between the global might of the MacDonalds corporation, and two English vegetarians, is a lesson in how committed individuals can do great things.

What started our with MacDonalds trying to quash public debate about their responsibility to society, turned into MacDonalds worst nightmare, an expose on their labour, animal welfare, environmental and advertising practises.  Instead of backing down, two activists decided to defend themselves against one of the largest food corporations in the world.

With a team of high priced lawyers, flown in executives, and virtually unlimited resources they managed only the barest of victories, losing substantially on three points (animal welfare, workers rights, and advertising to children) of the seven in the trial. They discovered, as many more corporations hopefully will discover, that the ideological framework they absolve their consciences with, is based more on self-interest than truth. What they perhaps failed to learn was that the 'radical' opposition to their sort of corporate culture, has something worthy to teach them about themselves, something beyond profits. The activists which took this on as well, have provided a warning lesson to other corporations who want to push their weight around.

Great book, great read, inspiring, thoughtful, even-handed (the author is no hippy radical) and a lesson in the power of individuals, which many of us need.

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