Vegan Bingo - the game

There are two versions of Vegan Bingo, the web-based version at or the Android Application (which was the first one).

Vegan Bingo Web based

You can start playing Vegan Bingo right now.

Nothing is sent back to this site, it uses your browsers local storage, which means it will remember your score only on a given device, and if you clear the cache it will forget it.

Hope you have a fun time playing it, let me know if you have any feedback.

Vegan Bingo Android Application

First off, the very short...

Privacy Policy

Vegan Bingo doesn't store any information about you, doesn't send any information to me, doesn't track you or have ads, so it's by nature completely private.

How do I get it

Go to the Android App store and search for Vegan Bingo; you'll find it in amongst the thousands of other bingo related vegan applications. Or click here.

Why isn't there an iPhone version?

Because I don't have an iPhone, Apple developer account, MacBook etc. That's one of the reasons why I developed a web version! If you really want an iPhone version, you'd have to cover my costs...and I know nothing about Objective C so they could be substantial.

Vegan Bingo Facebook

For users of either Vegan Bingo version, if it has become your life, you need to talk to other Vegan Bingoers

I've created a Facebook page for this, so chat away or you can always just email me privately using the contact page.

Vegan Bingo