Selling the Work Ethic

Sharon Beder

"From Puritan Pulpit to Corporate Pr".

After reading Sharon Beder's awesome "Global Spin", I was an easy target for her next book.

This book asks some questions about our society, that are forbidden in most of our media, both the corporate media due to self-interest and our public media due to not wanting to be perceived as ideological.

Why is our culture such a destructive machine, why is it that when we see the negative effects our lifestyles are having on the world, we motor on regardless, why are we working longer hours, not becoming any happier, and accepting an unequal society? It is because we have been controlled to follow a lifestyle that is often not in our own interests, we have had the way we judge ourselves and others implanted into us for very specific purposes, to ensure we are easily controlled and productive for the elites who use us for their wills.

If you would like to know how this trick of societal manipulation has been accomplished, and why we ask someone upon meeting them what their job is, rather than what their hopes and dreams are, read this book.

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