The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Greg Palast

"The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization and High-Finance Fraudsters".

Greg Palast proves two things with this mind-blowing book (John Pilger said "This information is a hand grenade"). Firstly that investigative reporting isn't dead, secondly that it is the sort of reporting that really matters.

Starting from a detailed account of how a daddy's boy with a low IQ stole the election for the leader of the free world, moving on to globalization, corporatization and privatization, he shows the seedy seamy side of political and corporate life that our media are paid to gloss over rather than look into.

Through leaked documents, undercover operations and general hard work, he gives us a peek into the underbelly of the controlling elite's culture. It is through the control of information that corporations maintain their stranglehold on our society, and it will be through the freedom of information that we will break that control.

Someone once said "The Wars of the Future will be fought with information", and this information really is an intellectual hand grenade. Greg Palast has done his bit, the least you can do is read it.