John Pilger

Heroes is one of the most inspiring and challenging books I have ever read.

John Pilger is an example of what true journalism is about, he hasn't spent his life waiting for the next PR event or corporate press release to come through, he has seen the killing fields of Cambodia, the slave gangs of Burma, the horror of the USA's attack on Vietnam, and he writes about it with a passion and insight that only having been deeply moved can produce.

That said he is not one for hyperbole, and this gives his writing a clarity of purpose that is rare in reporting these days. Heroes is written from his personal experiences during some of the most important events in the second half of the twentieth century, to not know about these things is to pretend that only the deaths of those in the western world matter. Heroes asks a question which strikes at the heart of what we regard as worthwhile in society, who is the real hero of humanity, the sports star, the politician, the billionaire, or a mother working tirelessly to raise her children in a war zone where tilling the soil can mean sudden death.

Read Heroes, the passion that Pilger puts into his writing about the less fortunate world is something we all need to wake us from our consumerist slumber.

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