Life After Life

Raymond Moody Jr. MD.

What happens after we die? Why don't we investigate it, amongst other things look at the experiences of people who have been declared clinically dead and survived?

Part of the reason we don't, apart from the difficulty of study, is that many people have already decided what happens after death. Their infallible religion has already spoken on the matter, so there can be no logical debate about it. The debate is so muddied, that it has people who believe without any evidence in some religious wonderland after they die on one side, and on the other people who deny the possibility of life after life purely because it's so obvious the people on the first side have no idea what they are talking about.

Hundreds of thousands of people have had near-death experiences, during which many report surprisingly similar phenomena. If you are interested in what might really happen when we die, forget everyone who says they know one way or the other.

This book made me a little too spiritual for a while, but once I got over that, I think I was a better person for reading it because I finally knew the truth....that I didn't know.

The second book Reflections on Life After Life is even better so check that out as well.

Note: I'm even less spiritual than I was when I wrote this review, so also look up the psychological explanations for the phenomenon of near-death experiences.

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