The Koran/Quran


I read the Koran in 1997 a few years before some people flew themselves into a building and did their faith such a great disservice. 

It was a real trial to get through it. If you don't believe in God and you are looking for any other sort of wisdom in this book, I am afraid you will be disappointed.

Mohammed was basically a small-time warlord, and the only reason he ever gave for people following his version of the faith was that God said so.  Of course, his immediate followers were definitely not small-time warlords, they led armies to conquered huge parts of the world, and thus you get the major religion we know today.

High points of the Koran include the part where he says to beat your wife if she is disobedient or the bit where he says that God has revealed to him he can sleep with pretty much any women he desires, but no one else can. The whole tone the book takes as well is disturbing, I found it hectoring and judgemental. People who don't believe aren't worth talking to, they are "deaf dumb and blind", and you certainly shouldn't be friends with "people of the book" as he refers to Christians and Jews.

I found it really hard to finish the Koran after I realised I was never going to turn a page and be that interested in what it had to say. If people are interested in learning about the Muslim culture which contributed so much to our world culture for a thousand years, I would skip the Koran and find a good book on Islam instead. The story of the Ottoman Empire was an amazing one and I have a review of Lords of the Horizons if you'd like to read it.

Maybe I just didn't get it but when I had finished my main thought was exactly the same as when I tried to read the Old Testament, "there is no wisdom in this book".

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