No Logo

Naomi Klein

This book was released with enough hype that I had heard about it for a while before I had any idea what it was about, therefore I assumed it was a stupid novel or something. I'm not sure how I came about to know what it was really about and read it, but I was very glad I did.

This book talks about what is behind the facade of trends and brands in our modern world, how they are created and sustained both in the factories of impoverished countries, and the soulless designer offices of the PR world.

Like all great books, it goes beyond any description I could give it in a short space, unions, pr, sweatshops, corporations, advertising to children, temporary workers, and it even gets around to letting you know what resistance to this is forming.

The western world has changed rapidly and deeply in the last few decades, and books like No Logo and Fast Food Nation fill you in on what's driving it and why it's so harmful.

We have become the product - if you want your humanity back, read No Logo.

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