I May Not Get There With You

I May Not Get There With You
Michael Eric Dyson

"The True Martin Luther King Jr.".

Martin Luther King Jr. was perhaps the greatest citizen of the US in the twentieth century and the US has a national holiday reflecting this status on his birthday. I knew little about him apart from his inspiring "I had a dream" speeches and a few samples on PE records, and it was wanting to learn more about this great man that prompted me to buy this book.

The main focus of the book is rescuing MLK's legacy from those who have shamelessly used his name to support their own, often right-wing political agendas.

MLK was a radical who believed strongly in Social Democracy, one of his famous quotes was "When you are right, you can't be too radical". He strongly believed in the reform of our systems of government and in providing equality of outcomes to all peoples, not just theoretical equality of opportunity. A flawed man, particularly in his attitudes towards women, he also had profound, transcendent moments which will make him forever one of the greatest.

Hounded by the Hoover's FBI who were convinced he was a communist, facing angry mobs and police dogs in the deep south, the target of insulting vitriol from people like Malcolm X and hated by right-wing groups who eventually shot him down in Memphis, King lived a life unbowed.

Reading this book was an inspiration to me. If you too would change the world, I recommend the words of this great man.