Enoggera Reservoir

For some reason I don't really like swimming pools.  I'm not sure if it's the smell, the chlorine which gets into my eyes, or the concentrated human sweat etc.

I like to swim in nature.  Unfortunately for us to get to a good beach is about an hour and a half on the train.  Solving this first world problem in the Brisbane summer is the beautiful, tea coloured waters of Enoggera Reservoir.

The first time I went it was with a large group of young women, swimming along with a giant inflatable shell (with Shell on top of it) and a swan, or duck or some such thing.  Since then it has almost always been with my friend Dan, and the odd other conspirator.  I think Dan and I set our personal best of going about ten weekends in a row at one point last summer.

We swim slowly in the waters, and chat about our weeks and thoughts.  Was a lovely part of my weekend and I hope it continues.