Vegan Recipes

Who doesn't love a good minestrone, apparently also called Italian wedding soup! This one pot soup is simple, healthy and delicious. The whole secret of a good tomato soup is simmering, tomatoes just love a good simmering. The vegetables listed are my base but they are rarely the only ones...
The crepes all prepared and about to be popped in the oven
This is a delicious light recipe, and if asparagus really is an aphrodisiac, could help you in the loving department as well. Don't just save them for valentine's day though :)
Vegan lasagne
A great variation on lasagne, works pretty much every time so long as you get a decent bit of pumpkin. Note you can skip the bechamel and just use vegan cheese, which means you'll be eating a little quicker but I think the bechamel makes it better.
This is a recipe its very hard to get wrong, if you can add gravy powder to water, you can make this dish as the rest is just adding ingredients and heating them up. Every time I make it, people have enjoyed it and asked me how I made it, so I've put the recipe here. The beauty of it is that it is...
This is a great cake, that's easy to make, tasty and pretty healthy
Pie being prepared
Vegetable pies are all fantastic, this has to be one of the best, its certainly one of my favourite dishes ever. If you make one, make sure you invite me around!
These delightful Italian bread pasties are equally fantastic for lunches, picnics, or hot out of the oven for tea.
An Italian rice dish, this is perfect for a cold winters night
Tempeh (or Tempe) is an Indonesian food, made from soy beans. Cooked in a satay sauce, this dish is as tasty as it is healthy.
Dal with rice is almost the staple Indian traditional dish. Sometimes served as a soup, sometimes as a dish, this thicker version is a meal in itself. Dalicious!